MAY 31   Pain&Victory music video finally complete

John: Shooting this video was a much tougher challenge than expected, like climbing a very high mountain without stopping, so much breath! But beyond the obstacles and falls we always went forward, closer to the summit, and when we reached it after all this trouble looking at the horizon was much more satisfying. I thank all the guys who, like me, have committed themselves, with enthusiasm and sacrifice, to the realization of this video, my thanks to the musicians Luigi Mauriello (drums), Sebastiano Verrengia (bass), Mattia Tornatore and Giuseppe Cioffi (guitars), to Vincenzo Trombetta for the direction and a special thanks to Giulio Di Rienzo for all the time spent looking for locations, shooting, mounting and breaking mirrors together, and for editing. Go proud guys and thank you again!

MAY 27   Finished producing the first EP "Pain&Victory" 

John: After sooooo much, really, Pain I have finally ended the production of these songs, and that's already a Victory for me. To be true I'm very far from saying that I'm 100% satisfied with the result, but that's the best I can do for now at the actual state of things. 

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